Bunkering in Greece

I.Y.S is able to ensure accuracy, fast delivery and premium quality of marine fuel at the most competitive prices. Fuel samples & official fuel analysis are provided upon request. Our bunkering service operates in every major port of call within Greece, and I.Y.S will process all paper formalities necessary. Kindly note that prior notice is required in order to process your request. Duty free marine fuelis also available in Greece for Commercial yachts only.

Bunkering in Albania

I.Y.S has recently established in Albania, a bunkering network which allows all Commercial as well as Private yachts to bunker at Duty Free prices. Prior notice is required in order to offer you the best possible price, and handle your entrance and exit formalities. I.Y.S offers the choice of either Port of Saranda or Port of Dures to bunker depending upon the yacht's itinerary. Fuel samples & official fuel analysis available upon request.

Contact us in order to aquire info on prices and quantities.