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Clearance Formalities

Our deep knowledge of the local legislation in matters of Customs, Immigration & Port Authority clearance, will allow the captain to clear in and out of Greek waters legally without even notice. Our network of associate agents throughout Greek islands and major ports will be present when you require them, in order to assist you in the most effective way for the duration of your sailing in Greece.
We at I.Y.S acting as an authorized clearing agent, shall be more than glad to share our knowledge with every captain of a private or commercial yacht, and prepare your next sail in Greek waters with safety, avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

You may contact us directly on +30 697211700 or +30 2661043513 or email us at info@iys.gr, for a consultancy on your yacht status in Greek waters.


Spare Parts and Technical Assistance

Our professional technical staff members are ready to assist with your enquires and present quick solutions to your technical problems on a 24/7 basis. We will do our best to find you every spare part your charter may comprise within shortest time. Technical support i.e. carpentry, upholstery, metalwork, hydraulic repair.


Itinerary Planning

Our specialized local knowledge, with years of experience, allows us to provide you with the best feedback in order to discover Greece. We shall be more than happy to create for you a customized cruising itinerary in the most unique sheltered bays along the amazing Ionian Islands and any other destination in Greece.

You may contact us directly on +30 697211700 or +30 2661043513 or email us at info@iys.gr and we will kindly guide you through all your inquiries.


Underwater Services.

Underwater inspections, cleaning, and repairs are handled by our expert diving team.


Financial and Banking Services

We handle Currency Exchanges, provided at on the minute exchange rate, Cash Advances, Cast to Master and other banking services on a secure and discreet basis always at the best rates available.


Freight Handling and Courier Services

I.Y.S will  organise for you, freight handling and courier services at the most fast and prompt way, since we are aware that your time is of great essence. 


Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Ionian Yacht Services offers you an effective and fast laundry service. We will pick up your clothes/laundry at any point of the island and will return it clean in 24 hours at the latest.  


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Our expert Carpet & Upholstery cleaning associates (using strictly bio products) will visit you on board, discuss your requirements and apply the best and cost effective solution.


Day Workers

Day Workers of all adeptness may be provided upon request on reasonable price per hour in order to assist the crew whenever required.